Meditation Workshop : Rookie Level

This is an introductory course on meditation for the beginner who is interested in calming their mind to those that would like to add a little more into their meditation practise. 

On the day we will be covering: 

1. Mindfulness meditation (Thoughts)
2. Guided meditation (Dolphin and Crystal Healing)
3. Breath Awareness meditation (Balloon Belly Breathing)
4. Body Scan Relaxation
5. Mantra (with Beads)
6. Counting meditation
7. Present Moment Exercise 

Meditation is like pressing a pause button to stop the chaos of the world for a little while. 

This rookie class will help you to journey through a handful of different practices of seated meditation. You will get to experience 7 different styles of the more easier meditation techniques over 3 hours.

There are literally hundreds of types of meditation. After the Rookie level there are also meditation classes for the Adventurer level followed by the Inner Journey level. However, there are so many different ways to approach meditation. My hope is that you will find one that resonates best with you for your practise. 

This workshop allows you to delve more into the world of meditation with like-minded people. It's a relaxed day with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and experience some of the easier ways of calming your mind, enhancing your wellbeing and getting present within yourself.  

The price for this course is $50 and this includes 7 meditation techniques, a downloadable mp3 audio meditation to listen to anywhere, training, course material and tea or coffee. You simply need to bring your own snack and a pen if you'd like to take any notes. A minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 7 people per class.

Teens (13+) are welcome to join any meditation workshops on the calendar as long as they have their parent/guardian participating in the class as well. Cost is the same for each person.

The course is being held in my Healing Home in Gowrie Junction. Places are limited so prepayment is needed.

To book your place or if you need further information please contact me by clicking here.

If you have already taken this class and would like to take it again as a refresher course, this is certainly do-able. Refresher cost is $25. Simply let me know when booking your spot. *Please note that materials are not re-provided so please bring any material along that you would have received the first time around. 

Click here to view the calendar for dates and times of this 3 hour workshop. 

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