"Everything Is Connected" 
Retreat For Complete Self Discovery & Healing


The "Everything Is Connected" Wellness Retreat Experience Will Give You The Hands-On Understanding For You  To Know How To Heal And Balance Your Mind, Body and Energy! 

This Retreat is Designed for Complete Self Discovery and Healing. It's the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with yourself as you strip away the layers of your life and look at it in the clear, uncomplicated light of day.

Bring your life into balance at this retreat as you explore how to truly manage your thoughts and emotions. This retreat will help you recognise patterns that have been holding you back and how to create new habits to improve your mind management and positively thrive in life.

By the end of this retreat, you will be empowered, confident and know exactly what to do to stop negative thought in its tracks, build yourself UP whenever needed, respond instead of react, remove blocked or imbalanced energy from within your body and your mind, check,clear and balance chakra energy for yourself and other people and totally flip your life 360 degrees to its best possible outcomes! 

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Bunya Mountains Reiki Retreat


Your choice of 1st, 2nd or Master Reiki Degree Training over one huge weekend of hands-on healing. 

From beginners to Masters and everything in between, your Reiki Degrees are covered. Click the button for full details of each degree and what it involves.

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Refuel Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat


This 3 Day Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat is designed to refuel your body with self pampering techniques that you will experience, adopt and be able to take home with you. You will also be taken through extremely gentle exercise that is very slow and flowing to get your physicalness moving purposefully.

Your mind will be calmed in such an easy way with fully guided meditations that are a pleasure to follow along with and take on as part of a routine for when you get home if you choose to. You will also take on new habits for a positive growth mindset to be able to gain more out of living.

You will connect with your Spirit Team and release any heaviness from your body and your life as you are fully guided through a full body chakra energy balance for yourself. You will also deepen your connection with Who-You-Really-Are as you have a taste of journaling and gratitude to express yourself from within and gain more understanding of the energy flow associated with thought, feeling, emotion and reality.

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Life In Balance


An easy-going retreat filled with a series of mini Personal Development Courses which  are developed to target specific areas in your life to make every day living easier.

Life in Balance Retreat gives you practical sessions with the necessary tools to easily and effectively rewire your brain and monitor your thought processes. Feel empowered to communicate your thoughts and respond rather than react during any situation that may present itself.

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