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Power 3 : Know Your Chakras

Here are a few things that the 7 main chakras relate to 

  • Money, job, living, lower back, hips, knees ect
  • Relationships, partners, children, reproduction, ect
  • Personal Power, anxiety, confidence, stomach
  • Love, depression, guilt, self  sabotage, self love ect
  • Communication, criticism, thyroid, not being heard ect
  • Intuition, decision making, headaches, feeling lost ect
  • Awareness, confusion, consciousness, suicidal ect

These are just a few things. The point is, with chakra energy healing you are able to take the steps necessary to remove any heavy energy before it becomes a physical symptom of illness or an unwanted manifested reality. How? It will all be uncovered as you learn more about Chakra Energy Healing.





Fast track your healing abilities and fully realise how you are affecting your chakra energy and how you can change it all. Bring your entire body back into complete energetic balance by clearing and recharging your energy centres.

During this comprehensive online course, Kelly will give you the tools, strategies and a clear map so you can stay on track and achieve chakra energy healing for yourself and others in the shortest possible time.  




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